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Raspan is a revolutionary herbal product crafted from 100% natural herbs and botanicals. Free from harmful substances like lime, catechu, betel nut, and tobacco, Raspan offers a safe and beneficial solution for those looking to break free from the habit of tobacco and gutkha consumption.


With Raspan, you can effectively overcome your addiction to tobacco and gutkha within just 2 to 3 hours of consumption. Its unique formula is designed to assist in eliminating cravings and supporting you on your path to quitting addiction completely.

Unlike traditional tobacco products, Raspan is nicotine-free, ensuring there's no risk of oral cancer associated with its usage. Additionally, Raspan actively works to strengthen teeth, reduce tooth discoloration, and remove stains, promoting overall oral health and hygiene.


Raspan isn't just limited to helping you quit tobacco; it offers a range of other health benefits too. From aiding digestion and reducing acidity to soothing throat irritation and boosting self-confidence, Raspan is your all-in-one herbal solution for a healthier and happier life.


Say goodbye to bad breath and the constant urge to spit with Raspan's unique formulation. And the best part? Anyone, anytime, anywhere can enjoy the benefits of this herbal masala without any worries.

Ras Paan Herbal Masala(100gm)

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कर शामिल

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