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Fragrance in the home leads to prosperity and abundance. Thus bestowing the goodness of natural fragrance and prosperity in your homes, Bholanath has come up with the range of Nama Gomal Gugul & Herbal Dhupbatti. 

The fragrance that can mesmerize you and make you feel the freshness of gardens and purity of temples at your home. There are no added chemicals in the Dhupbatti. This is the instant fragrant aromatherapy you can have in your home. 

Naman Dhoopbatti

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  • After using Naman Dhoopbatti, we don't require a room freshner. The fregrance is so pleasant and soothing. - Bindiya

    The aroma of Naman Dhoopbatti is so fresh and natural. Loved its fragnance. - Aarti

    • Devotional and rich dhupbatti can be flamed twice a day for experiencing the freshness of the aroma all around the space. 

    • The usage of pure ingredients makes the Dhupbatti a must-have incense in your home. 

    • Perfectly blended aroma is enough to make your space a healing one for all.

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