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Why are Bholanath’s herbal products so popular?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of natural & holistic medicine. In Sanskrit, Ayur means longevity or life & Veda means science, Ayurveda is often called The Science of Life. Ayurvedic knowledge finds its roots in India 5000 years ago and is often referred to as the Mother of All Healings. Ayurveda emphasizes the effect of five elements, i.e., earth, air, water, fire & space, on an individual's system and propounds keeping these elements in balance for a happy and healthy life.

While there are several manufacturers operating in this space, Bholanath Ayurveda is a name to reckon with. Their natural and highly effective compositions have garnered them recognition in the domestic market and the international market. Established in 1980, the company is ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer of dietary supplements & natural supplements. Bholanath khadi Gramodyog is registered in the Khadi Village Industries Commission, Govt of India.

Major Herbal Products of Bholanath

Madhuja: Bholanath's Madhuja is a unique herbal powder for diabetes. Herbal powder directly restores the balanced secretion of fluid in the pancreas. It has absolutely no side effects, and it tackles the problem from its root.

Dosage & Key Advantages

  • You can have 2.5 gm of this herbal powder for diabetes half an hour before taking allopathic medicine.

  • Take this herbal powder for diabetes twice a day; You can check your diabetes level after three days and feel its effectiveness.

  • Its unique herbal blend strengthens the liver & intestine simultaneously.

  • Insulin secretion in the pancreas is improved, curing diabetes of its root.

Ras Paan: It is another best selling & highly popular product from the manufacturer. It is a herbal substitute for people who love to have herbal pan masala but with no side effects. It helps in caring for mouth ulcers and cuts caused by pan masala and gutka.

Dosage & Key Advantages

  • You can have this herbal pan masala as a digestive supplement post-meal.

  • You can have the ras paan, which is a herbal pan masala, at any point in the day whenever you want to re-energize yourself with freshness.

  • Since it is made of herbal ingredients, vulnerability to ulcer, bronchitis & mouth cancer is zero.

  • Tobacco users can get rid of their addiction using this herbal Ras Paan.

  • Ras Paan provides a fountain of flavors with richness of herbs.

  • The product is GMP certified.

Sanjeevani: Sanjeevani Powder is an ayurvedic solution which balances your digestion process and clears your stomach.

Dosage & Key Advantages

  • Usage of sanjeevani powder is recommended for all age groups as it works as an immunity booster also.

  • Use this powder daily to get positive results in the first week depending upon the scale of the issue.

Several other popular products are as follows:

Dimagi Tel: Enriched with the goodness of herbs, its target is to relax your mind completely from stress and ultimately provide significant relief from an illness like headache, migraine pain, insomnia, and hair fall too.

Dosage & Key Advantages

  • Massage your scalp with this oil daily for best results; this will penetrate into your roots and make you calm and light from stress.

  • People suffering from insomnia can have a good sleep from its regular use.

  • This is also a remedy for migraine pain.

Dadona Cream: Bholanath's dadona cream is an antibacterial, anti-fungal ointment that works effectively on affected areas. The cream penetrates inside the skin and takes care of its texture too.

There are several other vital products like Tila Fakiri, Dant Shakti tooth powder, Bemisal Tel, Tel Bedard, which have received positive feedback from customers.

You can now place your orders online on and choose from a wide range of products on the go.

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