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How to cope with your diabetes in summers?

Have you ever heard diabetic person complaining about heat more than usual people? It’s because having diabetes makes it harder for their body to handle high heat. Some reasons include, dehydration, diabetic complications, also in hot weather body uses more insulin than usual. This can lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion which is a medical emergency.

It is important to stay safe during a heatwave: sun cream and loose-fitting clothes are essentials. For people with diabetes, hot weather can mean taking a few more precautions than normal.

Managing blood sugar levels is not the only thing to be taken cared by diabetics. People with diabetes also must know how their medications work, what their blood tests mean and how to prevent damage from weather change, especially in warm temperatures. They have to take care of their diabetes supplies, equipment and blood sugar levels during elevated temperature of hot weather.

Look how you can take care of yourself in summers.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water even if you are not thirsty- helps to keep you hydrated and improves blood glucose level. Dehydration can be an issue in hot weather, and higher blood glucose levels can further increase this risk. People with diabetes may need to increase their intake of fluids in hot weather, drinking water regularly through the day.

Know Sign of Low Blood Sugar

Be aware of the warning signs of low blood sugar and keep some carbohydrates with you to eat if you need to raise your blood sugar. Have a plan for a medical emergency. If you start feeling fatigued or get a sweaty brow, do not ignore it, it can be a symptom of a hypo. If you feel uneasy, don't neglect it, just check your blood sugar to confirm if this is a hypo.

Avoid Caffeinated Intake during hot weather

Whether it is from coffee, tea, soda, or chocolate, most Americans get caffeine every day. For healthy people, it’s usually a harmless perk-me-up. But if you have type 2 diabetes, caffeine may make it harder to keep your blood sugar in check. Avoid caffeinated products as well as alcohol. These can lead to water loss and increase in sugar level.

Clothing in Summer

Wear loose fitting, light colour clothes.Protect from the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat. Sunburn can raise your blood sugar levels. Walking on a beach barefoot is not advisable, not even walking barefoot around pool.

Don’t Break Your Working Schedule

It can be hard to get motivated to exercise in winter. But exercise is an important part of keeping blood sugar in check. It helps if you dress in layers when you’re exercising outdoors in the cold. Or join a gym where you can work out indoors. Another option: Work in exercise at home by taking the stairs, lifting weights, and exercising to videos.

Use Madhuja Powder

Bholanath Madhuja powder is the solution to all your sugar-related problems. Bholanath Madhuja is not just a medicine, it is a proper solution that cures your diabetes issues from the roots. So, continuous usage of Madhuja will help to vanish the diabetes from your body on its own.

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