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Ancient Oral Rituals And The Role Of Ayurveda

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is vital to maintain your oral hygiene. We often forget the power of Ayurveda or underestimate its magic. Ayurveda always believes in the importance of cleaning your teeth properly in order to keep them white and shiny.

During ancient times, people used specific plants abstracts to clean their teeth, and this tradition is still followed in many places. A huge difference has been seen in the oral hygiene of people using the Ayurvedic methods and in those using the modern way of brushing.

People using Ayurvedic methods of dental hygiene are less likely to suffer from the problem of tooth decay. But why is this ancient method of brushing your teeth from Ayurveda better than the modern one?

In ancient times, twigs of bitter plants were used by the people to clean their teeth. The antimicrobial properties of bitter-tasting twig helped in keeping the mouth healthy and germ-free. Herbs having a pungent taste help in fighting bad breath and it removes the toxins from the mouth.

The most commonly used twigs are neem, mango, and peepal. Ayurveda has played an essential role in the oral cavity through its extensive research, the causes, the study of diseases, and the effective treatment of this area of the body, from ancient times. It has a sophisticated system of remedies and methods to treat mouth problems for thousands of years, from bad breath to diseases of teeth and gums: caries, self waste away, pulpits, gingivitis, calculus, fistulas, etc.

The most common dental problems are caries, periodontitis, stomatitis. If measures are not taken on time, the pain and inconvenience continue in-depth, and it can result in the removal of the tooth. Bacteria mostly cause these diseases. As the disease develops, pain occurs.

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Herbal Tooth Powder

The ayurvedic herbal tooth Powder has various benefits: This tooth powder will cure tooth pain, teeth discolouration, loose or spongy gums, bleeding or inflamed gums, pulpits, sensitive teeth, abscesses, calculus, receding gums, fistulas, scurvy, or any other kind of gum disease.

We often don't take too much care of our teeth until something tragic and painful doesn't happen. But the truth is that the health of your mouth, teeth, gums are as important as your physical and mental health. It's an adage in ayurvedic perspective that "it's wise to focus on prevention before a cure is even called for.

Ayurvedic oral hygiene goes beyond your 1-minute brush twice a day process. It teaches us that there are particular foods which help in maintaining or destroying your dental hygiene. There are simple four ways which help in sustaining our dental hygiene which most of us are already practicing;

Biochemical cleansing also is known as toothbrush, flossing, gargling, rectifying digestion, also known as ama, prevention of build-up of toxins in the body.

But do you know that a two-thousand-year-old ayurvedic tooth powder provides your teeth many more benefits without even any side effects?

Before we had the shiny white preservative and sugar-filled toothpaste, people were using all kinds of flavoured twigs (Bubblegum, neem, mango) to fight with antibacterial and antifungal, mouth-freshening qualities of specific seeds, herbs, and barks to clean their teeth. Once upon a time, the use of a crushed and powdered combination of herbs was commonly used to pack the gums and mouth for daily oral hygiene. That's exactly what this ayurvedic herbal tooth Powder is.

Ways To Use Ayurvedic Herbal Tooth Powder

The first way of using the ayurvedic herbal tooth Powder is to tap or sprinkle some of the powder onto your teeth, or you can brush your teeth normally twice a day.

The second way you can do is to pack an affected tooth or gum area with the powder or with the help of a measuring scoop you can scoop up some of the powder and using a paddle pop stick or finger gently apply over your teeth.

The third way of using the ayurvedic herbal tooth Powder is to put some of the powder in a separate dish, and then apply it on your teeth using your finger to brush. Note: Push the powder between your gums—clean hands before and after applying.


To conclude, the ayurvedic herbal tooth Powder contains all the natural botanical ingredients, strengthens the roots of the teeth, protects them from cavities, and alleviates oversensitivity, for better results leave the powder in your mouth for at least 20 minutes before having your meal or drink.

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