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Ayurveda : A Natural System of Treatment

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural healing. It has its origin in earliest medicinal books which dates back to several centuries ago. Ayurveda classifies the human body as composed of five element, wiz earth, fire, water, Akash and air. According to Ayurveda, the human body can be classifies into having three properties, which are, kaff, pitta and Vayu. Any imbalance between these three manifests as disease. The secret of health lies in keeping a balance between these three properties. The Ayurveda doesn’t treat the disease but creates a state of physical, mental and emotional wellness, which is conducive for good health.

Bholanath Ayurveda has recognized the subtleness of Ayurveda, it experimented and studied on the effect of Ayurvedic medicine on the well being of a person. Then it formulated medicines, which are purely herbal, non – chemical based and having no side effect. The products of Bholanath Ayurveda are made in adherence of strict laboratory observation, keeping in view the that the potent effect of natural herbs are not lost and rather they are carried forward to heal a person. The wide range of Ayurvedic medicines at Bholanath Ayurveda are to cure illness like Diabetes, headache, insomnia, hair fall, skin disease, gout, arthritis, sexual wellness, immunity booster etc..

40+ years of magnificent journey of Bholanath Ayurveda have a legacy of several cases of successful treatment of disease. We invite you to be a part of us in this journey and feel proud of the Ayurvedic legacy left by our ancestors. For more information visit

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piyush srivastava
piyush srivastava
13 вер. 2022 р.

Very Informative 🍁

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