About Us


Established in the year 1980, Bholanath Ayurveda has worked hard to become a trusted brand with the Purity and Efficacy of its products.
The natural and highly effective compositions have fetched us a distinguished place in domestic as well as international markets.

Bholanath Khadi Gramodhyog registered in Khadi Village Industries Commission, Government of India.
This has also been proven with the certification received for ISO 9001-2015.
An Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer GMP Certified Company

Being the Leading  Ayurvedic & Herbal product manufacturer in India, "Bholanath Ayurveda" defines the best Ayurvedic Producer. We have researched in Ayurveda, the secret of Good Mental, Physical & Emotional Health, which leads to well-being and longevity of life. The products can be taken as medicine as well as dietary supplements without any side effects.



Natural Solution :
"Health For All" using Natural Remedies Without Any Side Effect

Back To Nature :
Mother Nature offers various herbs species with great healing properties. People started realizing the importance of ancient knowledge of Ayurveda & going Back to Nature. "Bholanath Ayurveda" specializes in helping people achieve a state of wellness through Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Supplement.

Redefining Ayurveda :
We are from India a land of Ayurveda. Ancient Ayurveda was offering Ayurvedic Medicine in powder& liquid form. We redefined Ayurveda by offering extract in capsules & tablet form. Many semi-liquid formulation which was effective but was not used frequently due to bitter taste & odor, our experts esearched unique formulation in Soft Gelatin Capsule, thus making this Ayurvedic wisdom,  palatable consumption to the modern world.

Daily Living – Herbal Living :
Herbal supplement has great nutritional values & has been a part of lifestyle. So for healthy life, Daily living – Herbal living is the only solution.


Our Motto Is To Create Pure, Most Effective & Genuine Ayurvedic Medicines 
Ayurveda is the Vedic system of healthcare that developed in India over 5000 years ago. The word “Ayurveda” is a compound of the word “Ayu” mealing “life”, “life principle” or “longevity” and the word “veda” refers to a “system of knowledge” or “wisdom”. Thus “Ayurveda” means the “wisdom for living” or “knowledge of a long life”. Along with the daily diet requirements, human body requires some essential nutrients for healthy functioning of various body organs. One may be deprived of this nutrition in his Daily diet. In modern lifestyle and today’s environmental conditions, it becomes practically difficult to get daily dose of nourishment from the food intake.

To overcome this deficiency, the concept of Dietary Food Supplement has come into existence. Herbal Hills has taken this concept and introduced Pure, Natural & Effective Ayurvedic Medicines – Dietary Supplements. Effectiveness of Formulations BIO-ENHANCERS is the main concept in Ayurveda. Normally metals, ashes, horns, bones etc. are used as Bio-enhancers, but at Herbal Hills, from the beginning, we had decided not to use these metals, ashes etc. which may lead to toxicity, which is of grave concern. Our Research Team after great efforts of 2 years came out with Natural Bioenhancer from Ayurveda, which are only plant based such as leaves, flowers, fruits, roots etc. of herbs and most Amazing Indian Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter) as BIO-ENHANCER.